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Our museum-store il located in CHIARAVALLE near Ancona
less than 500 meters from the AN-Nord exit of A14 Highway


address Via D'Antona 1
60033 - Chiaravalle AN

phone 071 94 89 50

Email info@gigole.it

What kind of story is this?

Luigi, born in 1915, started plying his trade as a peddler treading the – not so paved back in the day – countryside roads of Le Marche region (central Italy). Riding his bike with two bags crammed with stuff he was selling home to home haberdashery, clothes and trinkets which basically were the every day items people needed.

Along with selling, Luigi was really into the accordion which used to play at the local dance halls, showing off his skills by playing his favourite tune: “Gigolette”. He was so good at playing it that folks started calling him Gigolé.

With the Second World War things ground to a halt but Luigi became fascinated by the suits worn by the American Allies: those strange blu trousers as stiff as a board and those cool leather bomber jackets.

So in 1947 he started looking for clothes and accessories made in USA (used and brand new) for re-selling them at the main markets around there, this time riding his loyal Moto Guzzi with sidecar.

Business got bigger, routes got longer and by the mid-Fifties Gigolé had been bringing his goods to more relevant markets and fairs thanks to his dependable Fiat Balilla with a sturdy rack on its roof: customers praised both quantity and quality of what his stall had to offer.

In 1966 along with his sons he opened the first warehouse/retail shop in via Fratelli Bandiera 5 in Chiaravalle: 50 square metres chock-full of boxes and shelves for the chuffed clients to browse through, looking for the finest articles of clothing helped by the affable staff.

Deals grew in tandem with the flourishing Italian economy and the little warehouse on the ground floor of a residential building spread into a labyrinth of corridors and niches with shelves and hung clothes. Despite the first baffling impression it wasn’t too hard for the customers to find what they were after.

Meanwhile the staff grew along with the passing trade, reaching important fairs and markets.

More clients means more articles to let them choose from and so in 2006 Gigolé moved to via D’Antona in Chiaravalle in a especially fitted premises built to reflect our desire to embrace the challenges of the contemporary global market without forgetting our roots.

By now, more than 70 years from that far 1947, Gigolé is a family firm which spans three generations and thousands of stories: stories where the main characters are our clients and their search for unusual, extraordinary clothes and objects.

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